Best desserts in Seattle: 3 DIY walking food tours

I used to absolutely hate desserts.

But eating desserts in Seattle totally changed my mind! With so many amazing, sugary shops around, it’s incredibly easy to develop a sweet tooth here.

Since it’s such a walkable city, a lot of the best dessert places in Seattle are so close to each other. Consider doing your own walking food tour to check out all these tasty spots! Plus, it helps burn off (a very small amount of) the carbs 😉.

cookies from hello robin

Here’s how you can create your own dessert focused walking food tour in Seattle! There are three sample tours here depending on how much time you have (read: how much you can eat). Also feel free to pick and choose between places and make your own tour! Last, these just focus on places in Capitol Hill (Seattle’s LGBTQ* district), but if you’re interested in other districts, let me know in the comments! Capitol Hill is not the only one with amazing dessert, but it is a must see district for anyone visiting Seattle.

Best Desserts in Seattle: DIY Walking Food Tour #1

Total Distance: ~3 km
Estimated Walking Time: 37 minutes

These are the top dessert places that everyone who lives in Seattle has been to and everyone who visits Seattle has to check out.

Hot Cakes

Hot Cakes. I don’t know where to start with how tasty this place is. Do I talk about the truly decadent chocolate cake? Do I talk about the fact that they have butterbeer? I’ll let you go here and decide what’s best for you.

About: Hot Cakes was founded by a super awesome female who used to work at Seattle’s famous sustainable chocolate shop Theo’s Chocolates, but left a bit after serving a total hit chocolate cake at a charity event. This cake is what started hot cakes! Their focus is on local and organic ingredients. Read more on their about page.

Molly Moon’s

Molly Moon’s is one of the most famous ice cream shops in Seattle. They’re well-known especially for having the most creative seasonal flavors. Try a flavor you wouldn’t get normally! If you’re feeling not so creative, try lavender! Just kidding, they do have standard flavors like coffee, mint, etc.

About: Molly Moon’s was founded by an equally awesome female (really, everything on this list was founded by someone awesome, so I’m going to stop saying that) who was so passionate about sharing amazing ice cream, that she opened up her own shop. Her company is all about giving back to the community. Plus, they actually take care of their employees with awesome benefits. What a concept as we live in Trump’s America and he rolled back many worker protections. Anyway, read more on their about page.

Earl Grey and Maple Walnut Ice Cream!” by City Foodsters is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Cupcake Royale

Cupcake Royale is THE iconic cupcake shop in Seattle. Even though their cupcakes are tasty, I would also highly recommend trying their ice cream! Just try to picture how cupcake chunks in ice cream can go wrong (it can’t, it’s perfection).

About: Okay, do you know why Cupcake Royale is so iconic? Not only was it the first cupcake shop to open in Seattle, but it was also the first to open outside of New York (but still in the US). Plus, the founder is awesome and she’s since opened up a few other dessert companies- including marijuana cookies with Goodship Company. Read more on their about page.

Hello Robin

Hello Robin is the first cute boutique cookie store I have ever been to. When you walk in, you can see them baking cookies, so you know it’ll be good and fresh. They even have cookie ice cream sandwiches with Molly Moon’s ice cream- if you’re not ice creamed out!

About: Hello Robin was actually started by one of Molly Moon’s baker friends- who had previously won a ton of baked good competitions for her amazing creations. Read the full story on their site.

Best Desserts in Seattle: DIY Walking Food Tour #2

Total Distance: ~3 km
Estimated Walking Time: 43 minutes

Here’s an itinerary that includes the above, plus a few other great places if you have more room in your belly. I’m just going to talk about the new ones, but the map includes everything.

General Porpoise

This place is so cute. It makes you feel like you’re in a trendy person’s Instagram feed. Even better is that they have delicious “English style donuts” that are absolutely tasty. English style is their words, not mine, because they remind me of malasadas or Portugese donuts. Maybe I’m just uncultured. Anyway, they have a few standard fillings like vanilla custard and lemon curd, but make sure to try whatever the seasonal special is. My personal favorite is eggnog if you’re able to make it around Christmas time.

About: General Porpoise was started by Renee Erickson, a top chef in Seattle who owns a few other amazing eateries with great food and that cute Instagram vibe. Read more details about her here.


Hood Famous via QFC

Hood Famous is a local bakeshop which has the best cheesecake ever but unfortunately does not have a Capitol Hill location. You can grab them at Seattle grocery stores like QFC and take them to the park to eat instead! They’re well known for their ube cheesecake, but I’m a huge fan of their calamansi cheesecake as well.

About: Hood Famous started as the owner made fusion desserts for a different Filipino pop up restaurant (if anyone listens to Blue Scholars, that pop up was started by one of the rappers), and people fell in love with her ube cheesecake so hard that she opened up her own shop. You can read more on their about page. Plus, it’s actually owned by a Filipina!

Hood Famous Ube Cheesecake” by Rachel Ludwick is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Ellenos Greek Yogurt via QFC

“Greek yogurt?! WHAT. I’m on vacation, and I only want dessert.”

Then head to Ellenos! Their craft Greek yogurts are more like ice cream given how delicious, creamy, and fatty they are. They similarly don’t have an official Cap Hill location, but you can also get them at the QFC.

About: Ellenos has a really interesting story. A Seattle flight attendant had fallen in love with a local Australian brand of yogurt so much that she flew the owners over to Seattle to start making the yogurt here and named it: Ellenos! This Seattle Met article actually has more of the story.

ellenos greek yogurt

My favorite farmers market snack is Ellenos yogurt. It’s beyond amazing. They sell it at Pike Place too!” by Stephanie Yoder is licensed under BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sugar Plum

This list has a few places which have vegan options (woooo Seattle!) but Sugar Plum is the only fully vegan dessert shop on my list. Their focus is ice cream, but they also have a few other treats like brownies and cookies. Try their soft serve! Also, there’s a sugaring studio in this area with the same name, so just be aware if you’re googling it.

About: Sugar Plum is one of a few popular local vegan restaurants owned by the same awesome black female! They don’t have an official website, but you can read about the owner at least here.

Best Desserts in Seattle: The Ultimate DIY Walking Food Tour

Total Distance: ~5 km
Estimated Walking Time: 68 minutes

Ready to walk a bit further but eat way more? Here are a few more different types of dessert places in Seattle. Use the map under here for a route that includes the above places, plus these new ones below.

Oasis Tea Zone

This is a fun bubble tea place because they have a ton of games and an energetic vibe. If you’re feeling thirsty for something with sugar after all this walking, head to Oasis.

About: I don’t know much about Oasis’ owner or story, and Google wasn’t very helpful. I can tell you that it’s a local chain and the Cap Hill location was probably the fourth one to open.

Pie bar

Usually, this is a popular spot after a night of drinking, but I promise that even sober, their pies are delicious. And yes, if you want to continue the drinking, they also serve unique cocktails (try a “pie-tini”) and craft beers.

About: Pie Bar was started by two twin sisters who had created previously created a different pie shop in Seattle. How many restaurants are started by siblings, let a lone twins?! You can read more here.

Bakery Nouveau

This bakeshop has some of the best pastries I’ve ever had. You absolutely need to try their twice baked almond croissant (like, technically I’m allergic to almonds, but I eat it anyway because it’s worth it).

About: Bakery Nouveau was started by an extremely well decorated pastry chef, and his philosophy for this bakery is all about innovation and trying new things. You can read more about him and Bakery Nouveau in this article.

chocolate croissants at bakery nouveau

Chocolate Croissants” by Foodista is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Phew. That was a lot of hypothetical walking. I hope you have a blast with your DIY walking food tour and enjoy some amazing desserts in Seattle. Let me know what you think in the comments!

best desserts in seattle pinterest image

Interested in having some real food after this tour? Check out this post with 100 of my favorite restaurants in Seattle.


Traveler. Foodie. Student debt haver. I love finding the best things to do and eat when traveling, and sharing them with everyone else who likes experiencing local culture or exploring the outdoors too! You can read more about me in my about page.


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