7 toxic habits I’m done with after age 27

Hey, it’s my birthday!

Like at age 26, I try to use this time to reflect on what I’ve learned in the year, and how I can continue to grow and move forward.

After 27, I think my biggest change needs to be with how I use social media. Not trying to sound like those people who share slam poetry about how “TECHNOLOGY is KILLING US!”, but I was not using social media in a healthy way. I was always in a negative mood afterwards.

I do think social media is a powerful, important tool. Just not how I was using it.

After lots of soul searching, limited internet access, and a few coconut rum drinks, I think I’ve figured out the habits that seemed to cause the most negative feelings when I was 27. Not just with social media but in general, like (spoiler alert) with iced coffees!

So to hold myself accountable for next year, and hopefully to help you identify whatever things you do that may be taking a toll on you too, here are 7 unhealthy habits that I’m hoping to kick as a 28 year old!

Me in el Nido

El Nido, the inadvertent location of this year’s happy reflection time

Making fun of things I disagree with

I know this can be a way to destress, especially when that side is, like, actively trying to take away your rights, but I’m not at that stage anymore.

I’m trying to be at the “share knowledge to help people learn and grow” stage, but memes and tweets that oversimplify issues in a funny way isn’t the most effective way to do it. Some people don’t respond to facts. They only care about confirmation bias. So I’m not sure what the “right” thing to do is yet for this stage. But it’s definitely not further dividing people.

Following outrage-y things on social media

Related to 1, it has not healthy for me to follow people that are also spreading negative energy or continuing to otherize the other sides. I know outrage headlines draw clicks and helps issues stand out in a world where we’re overwhelmed with information. But it was not healthy for me to be constantly annoyed- moving on to the next annoying 50 things, then feeling overwhelmed because everything is annoying and I’m not doing anything about it.

So I’m unfollowing the most divisive people/groups. And I’m going to try to take action like volunteering more and sharing/writing articles that have normal, not clickbait or misleading headlines.

Thinking and writing in 140 characters

I feel lame and pathetic, but Twitter and Trump’s Twitter especially has definitely had an effect on how I think. I personally have been thinking in quick, snarky side comments more, and less about the nuances of issues because of it. This can be fine and entertaining, but I was going way overboard.

My goal is to write and think more like Obama, who uses full, complex, and grammatically correct sentences that draw different ideas together. It’s a crazy concept, I know.

Feeling guilty for buying iced coffees

Theoretically, I could be using that $3-$4 for extra loan payments, and that’s the mindset I’ve had all year. But those few dollars literally do not matter in the grand scheme of loan payments or life.

Technically I wanted to put “being the working poor” or “capitalism” for 6, but I don’t know what action I can take to move on from that.

Drinking tap water ice in places where you’re not supposed to drink tap water

Explosive diarrhea is not fun. I never want to have explosive diarrhea again. This happened in El Nido during “reflection on my life to come up with these goals” time. I will post something helpful about this soon.

Feeling anxious over the same things over and over again

Not the actual medical condition anxiety that you need medications for, but the colloquial way we use anxiety on the Internet.

I’m in a bad place of freaking out over things I’m not taking any action to change. Not just with politics or social or health issues that you see on the internet like above, but also in my personal life with things I actually do every day. So I think the action here is a little different, which is why the personal life version is its own goal.

I need to be more proactive about making changes in my life. If I freak out about something more than 10 times, I need to do something about it or convince myself that it’s not a huge deal.

Buns (maybe)

Anyone else have lazy hair days? That’s my every day, but in 28+, I’m trying to change that. Keyword is trying, because I’m, like, really lazy when it comes to self care minus skincare.

Like, look how cute my hair is here after a wash and go with literally no product but lots of humidity! Also edited out a person who didn’t ask to be in my blog, but I look cute so needed to post this somewhere.

And… those are my goals! Do any of my unhealthy old habits or future goals resonate with you? What are you trying to work on? What advice do you have? Let me know in the comments!


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